Thursday, July 26, 2012


Forgive the me for the lack of posts as of late, having a baby is a wonderfully tiring experience and one in which little else seems to matter. However, as I lay here with a semi awake baby on my chest with my husband snoring away next to me, I can't help but be so thankful for the grace of God and what he has done for us in the past year. When you lose a baby to miscarriage, the following baby is called your rainbow by. I am not sure who deemed it so, but it is so incredibly fitting. A year ago we were still mourning the loss of our precious baby that we never knew and now I am laying here with our gift from God, our answer to prayer. God chose the rainbow as a symbol of his fulfillment of his promises and that is exactly what this feels like, a fulfillment of something we hoped and prayed for. I am often overcome with gratitude for this wonderful gift of a child. I will just stare at her and think "why would God be so gracious to give us this chance to be her parents because we definitely do not deserve such a gift." Motherhood is challenging on so many levels but I really do love if. You dont know what Selflessness is until you have a child. You also realize how much trust is required tod you to trust Jesus with. Of only your life but you or child's as well. Well she is asleep so I need to attempt to sleep as well. More later.