Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello All,

Quick update on my mom.

I was able to come to Fort Wayne today to see her. She was surprised and seemed encouraged from the visit. She is doing alright, still in the hospital and probably will be there at least another day. They have upped her diet to a transitional diet and currently say there is no blockage. However, she is still not feeling well and the inflammation does not seem to be going down and the doctor's don't seem to be saying why things are the way they are.

Prayer Requests:

Less Inflammation
Good Doctors
Quick(er) Recovery
That she would rely on God right now.

Greg and I will be back into town tomorrow afternoon, if surgery becomes the option (it isn't now) I will be headed back here. Regardless, she seems very upbeat and hopes to possibly be sent home tomorrow or monday if the inflammation finally subsides.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prayer Request

Hello all,

This will be a super quick blog. If any of you who read this could be praying for my mom it would be great! She was admitted to the hospital wednesday for a Crohn's flare up. Surgery doesn't sound like an option right now so thats good, but they are keeping her to see if she can handle a diet of solids, right now she is on a clear liquid diet. She sounds upbeat and seems to be doing alright.

Specifically pray for:
Healing from this horrible disease
less pain and the ability to eat solids
good doctors who know their stuff
a positive attitude for both her and me

Thanks :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Quiet - the word that describes me as of late. However, nothing about my life right now is quiet. I am busy, beyond busy with school and work. Yet, I sit here and write, because its a wanted distraction from writing papers about nothing in particular.

I've been quiet for other reasons to. I find myself with little to say, which if you know me is unlike me. I have been in a rut for some time now. I would like to say its been a short sort of rut, but I think I have been in it for a little longer than would qualify for the description of short. I have been intensely lonely lately. This is due to a couple of reasons, none of which bare mentioning on a public blog. Mainly, I miss my best friends. I have some really great friendships with some really great women who all (except one) happen to live, at minimum, 2 hours away. Two of which live in completely different states. I miss having people who "get" me. These friends understand my sarcasm, get my impatience, and don't seem to mind when I say "flippin" or "frickin a" when I get frustrated or excited. They get that when Im busy I get stressed out, flustered, and sometimes need a shoulder to cry on. These women know me deeply, they know my past, they have been with me through tough times, and they understand why I am who I am. Even now, I sit here, staring at the blinking line that begs me to keep typing and I don't know what to type. I just miss them. I miss being free enough to spend time with the ones that are close and call the ones that aren't. I miss being as happy as I used to be. That what ruts seem to do to you, deplete you of your joy.

God created us to be in relationship with one another and the past year has been really tough in that area for me. You can read through my blog and see why, no need to rehash it all now. However, I am so thankful for those friends who get me. Cassie, Meggan, Julie, and Sarah K, I don't know where Id be without you. If you read this, thanks for being great friends who love me and accept me as I am.

Note: This blog is not to say that I don't have other good friends or to say that people have been bad to me in any way. Just a rut. PS my husband has been such a trooper during this rut, he is such a great support.

Hopefully as the summer sun begins to shine and I begin to regain some control over how I spend my time, the rut will lessen and I won't be so down.

Summer get here soon :)