Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello All,

Quick update on my mom.

I was able to come to Fort Wayne today to see her. She was surprised and seemed encouraged from the visit. She is doing alright, still in the hospital and probably will be there at least another day. They have upped her diet to a transitional diet and currently say there is no blockage. However, she is still not feeling well and the inflammation does not seem to be going down and the doctor's don't seem to be saying why things are the way they are.

Prayer Requests:

Less Inflammation
Good Doctors
Quick(er) Recovery
That she would rely on God right now.

Greg and I will be back into town tomorrow afternoon, if surgery becomes the option (it isn't now) I will be headed back here. Regardless, she seems very upbeat and hopes to possibly be sent home tomorrow or monday if the inflammation finally subsides.

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