Wednesday, November 24, 2010

chex mix, sleet, and thankfulness

Well hello again! I know I promised pumpkin sugar cookies. I promise they are soon as I find some time to post those pesky pictures.

Today is the day before thanksgiving. This morning on my way to my elementary school I was just overcome with thankfulness and a glad heart. God has really been stretching me over the past six months and I am finally beginning to see some fruit. Here are some things I am thankful for.

1. God's provision. After 5 months of waiting not-so-patiently, God has begun to provide for Greg and I. This week alone after nothing but leads for 5 months Greg has 2 contracted listings and a potential buyer. Not only this but he agreed to start working part time as a property manager which is some guaranteed income! During this same week or week and a half I was asked to talk about a possible assistantship for next semester. I think God is showing off, and I really appreciate it. I am so thankful for his promised provision.

2. If number 1 wasn't enough, we found a cute little house outside of battleground and will be moving in December. Still renting, but definitely an answered prayer!

3. I am so thankful for thanksgiving time. This time of year is so precious because we get to spend time with family and friends that we don't often see.

4. My grad program. Wait, did I really say that? I am learning to be thankful for all of the quality instruction and time in internship. I hope God uses me as an elementary school counselor someday.

5. My husband. Simple as that. He is truly a great man to be married to and I couldn't be happier to call myself his wife.

6. Our church and the people within it.

7. My family and friends. I so appreciate the people God has placed in my life to lift me up, encourage me, and sharpen me.

8. My elementary school kids. They crack me up, give me hugs, and teach me so much about life, love, and faith. quote from this morning "Deck the boughs with balls of holly fa lalalala la la la la" A little girl sang this as she walked through the halls. Other fun quotes. "quiz me on Justin Beiber" "Good luck on being a counselor"(written in a note that he gave me after a classroom lesson) "How old are you? 20?" "Mrs. Smith, you have a good thanksgiving too!" I love them.

As I sit here typing, watching the snow/sleet/rain mix drizzle outside, I am just so happy. We don't have a lot of money or a lot of time but we are so very blessed. Now my thankful heart and body are gonna go make some yummy chocolate cinnamon bread for the family and see a dear friend for a bit tonight.

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Kristin said...

I am anxiously awaiting your cookie recipe. So glad to hear God is taking care of you and Greg-- He always pulls through :)