Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rush Rush Rush

Sometimes I just want to slow everything down. Life moves so incredibly fast that it is hard to enjoy it, or even embrace it for that matter. Our society is so focused on success, money, and self gratification that we often miss out on the simple things.

Lately, I have found myself feeling guilty about not being able to devote time to certain areas of my life. It seems that I keep adding more and more hats and people often want me to wear certain ones more than others. I have the student hat that takes up a huge chunk of my time, my work hat, my wife hat, my friend hat, my daughter hat, my sister, my christian hat, and the list goes on. Sometimes various people, for various reasons, want me to wear a certain hat over the other. This tends to leave me feeling very overextended and guilty about not having the time to devote to those areas. But, after long talks with my husband and some good prayer, I really felt God say "You can't do it all and that's ok." I can't. This has brought me a lot of freedom. I think we often pursue so many different facets of life that we forget that God wanted us to rest. We also place certain priorities in the wrong ranking. We forget to enjoy family and not see friendships or home time as another thing on our to do list. Right now, in this season of my life, my schedule is not conducive to a lot of things, but I am working to make sure I find time to rest. If I don't rest, I am no good to anyone.

Anywhoo, I just thought I would share that. It brought a lot of freedom to me. I hope to find time to do all the things I want, but if I can't I know I can rest.

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