Saturday, May 1, 2010


I should be writing a paper about my groups class, but it seems fitting that I blog instead. The title of my post is tradition and it is tradition for me to blog as a form of procrastination. Why end that tradition now?

It's odd but I seem to be at my most creative when I am putting off writing academic papers. You would think I would allow some of this creativity to flow into those papers rather than aimlessly out into bloggerland.

Update on my mom... She is out! She went home this week and is doing much better. She still isn't feeling well because of the steroids she is on. This is an answer to prayer! I was getting really worried when she wasn't going home within a day or too. If you all could continue to pray for healing that would be awesome.

Update on photography... I shot my first baby session today with little baby Landon. I can't wait to get working on them! I plan to post them soon. Sadly, papers come before pictures. Also, if you know anyone who needs some pictures send them my way! I could really use the income/experience this summer.

Life seems to be on the upswing. Classes are wrapping up, weather is warming up, and I'm lightening up. I feel like I'm on the verge of this rut ending, but I'm still feeling the effects. I haven't figured out what God is trying to teach me with this, probably because I haven't had a lot of connection with Him lately...maybe that's it.

Well, I really should get back to (ok, lets be honest...begin) writing one of my 5 papers due this week. One more week...One more week...One more week.

Summer, please come soon.

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