Sunday, November 1, 2009

What did I get myself into?

Things I didn't sign up for when I decided to go to grad school:
1. Writing 15 2-3 page papers over the course of one weekend.
2. Not having a life outside of school
3. Annotated Bibliographies
4. A class that requires I write 4 papers each week and read three books and write summaries for this and that.
5. Did I mention not having a life?
6. Attempting to discuss rational emotive therapy and Gestalt techniques with my husband.
7. Using the term comorbidities 5 times within one paragraph.
8. Crying when my husband said I was the jelly to his peanut butter.(because I miss him so much)
9. discussing chi squares, t tests, anovas, and other various statistical terms
10. enjoying running because it gets my mind off of school.
11. Realizing how much of a procrastinator I really am.

This may sound like complaining (I guess it sort of is), but I love grad school and I am completely glad that I am doing this. I just needed to blow off some steam! Back to writing my 15 papers. 8 down, 7 to go!

See ya in 1.5 years!

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