Friday, February 12, 2010

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I don't often think of myself as a writer, just someone who likes to write. Maybe write isn't the right word, more like journal. I often see this blog as a place where I can write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I like to make it personal, others influential, and still more pictorial. I tend to write like I think, mixing coherency with confusion. I see it as an outlet for my creativity, which has been lacking lately. Each semester I lose myself in school and with that comes the loss of some of my creativity. I haven't done serious photography in over a month and I feel like I'm losing my eye. When I do photography on a consistent basis I begin to see everything in the form of a picture. I see different angles and perspectives. I see different coloring and saturation. I see what I want my end result to be. Today I had my eye but not my camera. Those moments are the most frustrating. As we drove to Monticello for school we noticed the trees covered in frost. Not just any frost, apparently its called Hoarfrost.

Hoarfrost, as defined by the National Snow and Ice Data Center is "Hoarfrost A deposit of interlocking ice crystals (hoar crystals) formed by direct sublimation on objects, usually those of small diameter freely exposed to the air, such as tree branches, plant stems and leaf edges, wires, poles, etc., which surface is sufficiently cooled, mostly by nocturnal radiation, to cause the direct sublimation of the water vapor contained in the ambient air."

It was amazingly beautiful, and yet so disappointing. I saw so many amazing photographs and thought about how rare this scene may be. Google it (one word or you may get some photos you don't want) and you will see how pretty it really is. When I see scenes that I want to capture its hard to enjoy them for what they are. I want to capture them and keep them them locked away behind a frame on my wall. I want to be able to enjoy them again and again, not just once. Today, I took a mental picture. It will be locked away in my mind for only me to see.

Nature, to me, is God's painting, His art realized. Photography is my way of capturing the strokes of his brush, all of the delicate intricacies he has hidden within the big picture. I have always been amazed by God's creation. Today, He found a new way to amaze me, as He does everyday. I am so thankful that God has given me eyes to see the beauty in His work, and the ability to capture pieces of it.

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