Sunday, February 27, 2011

Banana Ice Cream

Wowzers, I must have other things to do! What else would explain two blogs in 3 days?
My favorite form of procrastination! Anyways, this will be quick. I mean Q-U-I-C-K quick!

Hold on to your hats, here we go.

We all know I LOVE ice cream. Seriously, I have an unhealthy passion for all things ice cream. BUT and this is a big but (like the one I'll probably get from all the ice cream I eat), I've never attempted to make it at home. Reason: you need a fancy machine (which I have no room for), salt, and the kicker: patience (which I lack when it comes to ice cream).

So why in the world am I telling you all of this? Because, there has been an answer to my problem! I can now make ice cream at home! Guess what, it's healthy too! (are you blown away yet?)

Banana Ice Cream: so simple I might cry.

Here is what you need:
Food Processor or Blender

Here is how you make it:
1. cut bananas (2 makes a decent bowl full, probably 2 servings)
2. freeze them
3. blend or process until smooth.
4. Eat your delicious concoction.

Can you believe it! I couldn't. I thought surely this would taste weird. I mean, where is the chocolate? The caramel? The 23 additives?

It. is. amazing. I do plan to try it with chocolate, caramel, and nuts sometime. You know, turn it into unhealthy ice cream. But for now I just enjoy it whenever I have bananas getting all brown and weird.

Go eat some now... I mean it.

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