Monday, May 25, 2009

Marriage in Today's Society as seen through Jon and Kate Plus 8

Maybe tomorrow I will write an update blog, a lots been going on! But for the past couple weeks I have been thinking a lot about marriage in today's society. Mainly I have been thinking of the fragility of marriage today.
How often, these days, do you hear of marriages that last? How often do you see people divorce. I would say the latter is definitely winning at this point. I have always felt like marriage today is disposable. It is no longer "til death do us part" it is now "til dislike do us part" Marriage is no longer sacred (another topic for another day), no longer looked upon as something that is unending, and no longer something that people take seriously. Marriage is disposable. They even have a new term for first marriages that end in divorce... They are called the "starter marriage." Because really you can't get it right the first time and those vows you said meant nothing. Its like the "oops marriage." Oh Im sorry, I made a mistake, Oh well lets get divorced. People don't see the impact that it places on others or even themselves for that matter.

Anyways, my title had something to do with Jon and Kate plus 8 for a reason. As most people know, they may be getting divorced (some say its a ratings boost, some say there really are problems). Honestly, its not our life and not our place to even know. However, they have willingly placed themselves in the public eye and decided to show the world all of their problems. If you follow the show, you know that they just renewed their vows to say to their children that they would be together forever. Well now that their are affair rumors, tabloid stories, and the like, thus they may dissolve. What many people have been talking about is how this is affecting their children. I agree that now with them allowing the camera's to continue rolling, they are documenting something that will or could inevitably scar their children. It is not only difficult to see your parent's divorce, but utterly devastating to have it documented on a reality television show.

To my point, people seem to be forgetting how things that they do affect those around them. I can hope and pray that this family (as well as many others) will fight for their marriage and fight for the love that they once shared, but I am not those people. I do not know what is best for them or for their families. What I do know is this, this trend, this disposable marriage, is simply evidence of the loss of love for one another in today's culture. The loss of family. The loss of community. We are individualistic and we only want what is best for me, myself, and I. Until we realize that this life is not about us and start living that way, divorce rates will climb and people will continue to look out for only themselves. Jesus commands us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. Love God, Love Others. Nowhere does it say that we should put ourselves first or even second for that matter. Put God first, then family, marriage, friendships, strangers, the list goes on. Then once you get through those you can worry about yourself.

I could blog, write, type, scream, and yell about this all day. Nothing will change until people realize the significance of putting others before themselves, not giving up, and fighting for what you love and what you believe in. Love God. Love People. Fight for Love. Don't give up, don't lay down and take it, do something. Change. Grow. People have lost the will to fight for love. Don't lose it, fight everyday. Fight for what is right and good. Fight for marriage, for family, for your friendships. Just don't give up.

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