Sunday, June 14, 2009


Im pretty rusty, considering that I havent sat down and written a poem since early college or even maybe high school. Today I felt inspired so I wrote a poem.


Standing, broken staring straight ahead
Thoughts racing
Except for the birds, whose songs resonate through the warm summer’s air
The busy bees carry on with their busy lives
Floating effortlessly from flower to flower, only focused on their objective
Still standing
The temperate winds whisper through the air with ease
The trees bend and sway as though dancing in the warmth of the sun
Still Breathing
Children laugh and play without concern for what tomorrow brings
The sun sets, bringing light to a darkened place
Still living
The coolness of night brings refreshment, rejuvenation
The stars sparkle lightly in the distance, not perceptive of any troubles
Tomorrow is another day.
The sun will shine, the birds will sing, the bees will flit, and God will love.

Post with my portfolio pics coming soon!

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