Monday, November 4, 2013

Single Digits

As I was walking with my friend last week we were chatting about my current pregnancy and she asked how far along I was. I am 31 weeks along and she exclaimed, "Oh! Your in single digits" and I thought, "Oh crap, I am"

Where did the time go? I remember waiting for what felt like an eternity to reach my due date with E. It feels like Baby G just started cooking yesterday.

31 weeks.

Less than 9 weeks to go.

January 3rd is now less than 2 months away.

What. Is. Happening!

I still don't feel like I have fully wrapped my head around what it will be like to go from a family of three to a foursome. Often, I get excited thinking of what little G will look like or be like, but just as often I worry about what an upheaval this will be for E. I feel sad that her reign as an only child is coming to an abrupt end and she isn't even old enough to fully understand what is happening. I know she will be a wonderful big sister and the fact that she is young should actually work to her advantage in the long run, but its odd to think about her not being the "baby" anymore.

If you haven't noticed I tend to worry a lot.

Fear is something that has ruled my life for quite some time, I am often fearful of most things. So it is only natural for me to fear what this means for my family and my sweet girl. Thankfully, most things rarely live up to my fears and even if they do I often handle it far better than I imagine I could. God truly gives us the strength we need when we need it. So I may freak out now, but I know that all will be well in the end.

Speaking of upheaval, if any of you out there have tips for how to help an 18 month old transition to siblinghood, please please share the love! Even just thoughts on going from 1 to 2 children would be greatly appreciated. It is amazing how God equips us in the moment, but I also fully believe in the mantra "it takes a village to raise a child." Villagers, what say ye?!

2 months.

2 months until we meet our little man, a little boy. 2 months until our house goes from pink to blue and bows and ribbons turn into bow ties and suspenders. What a wonderful worry to have, that I have been graced with 2 children to love and parent. What a blessed mess of a life.

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